Our latest accomplishment, involving the transportation of an 18-ton Oyster Yacht showcases our team’s expertise in high and heavy cargo.

Our skilled project cargo team undertook the challenge of relocating the Yacht from Northam to its destination on the open seas. With meticulous planning and precision, our experts organised a seamless operation that involved delicately navigating the yacht through various transportation modes.

Transporting an 18-ton Oyster yacht requires not only the right equipment but also a team that possesses a deep understanding of maritime logistics. Our skilled professionals are experienced in the intricacies of cargo transportation, from securing to ensuring its safe passage through various transportation modes.

Every project is cargo is unique, and our approach to handling the Oyster Yacht was no exception. We worked closely with Oyster Yachts and our team accurately mapped out the entire journey and implemented safety protocols at every stage. From loading to unloading, we coordinated each step with precision, ensuring that the yachts journey was seamless from start to finish.

This project showcases our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in project cargo logistics.