SCH sister company Cruise and Passenger Services (CPS) has extended its valet parking contract with the Port of Dover for a further two years.

CPS has been providing cruise parking services at Dover since 2021 and utilises on-site and undercover parking facilities in the Port to offer safe and secure parking with a seamless transit to the Terminal.

CPS is responsible for bookings and marshalling for the facilities, which support Dover’s two cruise terminals 

The company, part of the Independent Port Handling group, also has operations in Southampton, Liverpool and Portsmouth. In a typical year, CPS carries out annual valet car parking services for over 90,000 cruise passengers. 

CPS’ specialist service includes ease of booking via a call centre or website, personal meet and greets and car moving service from terminal to secure car park, safeguarding the vehicle during the passengers’ cruise and then return of the vehicle when passengers arrive back. 

CPS Operations Manager Louis Colpitts commented: “Our relationship with the Port of Dover has developed significantly over the past two years and we are delighted to extend this.

“Valet cruise parking is an important part of the holiday experience for passengers who need to enjoy a seamless transit when joining and leaving their ships. Providing a secure and adjacent location for their vehicles while they are away helps to ensure they enjoy a stress-free holiday and CPS plays a key role in this part of the link between port and cruise line.”

Sonia Limbrick, Head of Cruise at the Port of Dover said: “Port of Dover Cruise faces a bright future, as we prepare to deliver world class travel and visitor experiences to some of the most prestigious cruise lines visiting us this year for inaugural calls and returning port of calls.

“Every piece of the jigsaw is important for providing this exceptional service, so we are really happy to be extending our partnership with Cruise and Passenger Services (CPS) to continue to offer an excellent valet parking service to our cruise customers.”