Freight management company Southampton Cargo Handling (SCH) has strengthened its warehouse business in South Hampshire after receiving HM Customs and Excise approval for bonded status.

SCH moved into a 40,000 square feet facility at Totton earlier this year and the bonded approval means that by storing goods in the warehouse when they are brought into the country importers can defer the required excise duties until they are transported inland for use or sale.
Cargoes can also be broken down and duty paid as part shipments are released.

The SCH facilities are located within a secure compound and comprise racked and unracked storage, supported by a full stock management, transport and logistics service. Advanced warehouse IT systems facilitate efficient inventory control and these can also be securely linked to customer systems for real time management of stock.

The additional warehousing status is expected to fuel further business growth at SCH, which offers terminal management and stevedoring services at various ports throughout the South of England, including Southampton.
SCH Business Development Manager Lee Davis commented: “Achieving bonded status will considerably enhance our warehouse services. With warehouse space at a premium in the region, we are now in a stronger position to provide shippers with an attractive, modern alternative for storage and distribution.”