Southampton Warehouse Picture

New racking has provided warehouse operator SCH with a boost to business through its Totton facility

An increase in warehouse space by cargo management specialists Southampton Cargo Handling (SCH) is set to boost business at the company’s facilities at Totton.

SCH has invested in warehouse racking that will enable it to store up to 2,000 pallets at the modern 40,000sq.ft  bonded facilities.

The company regularly handles a wide range of commodities through the warehouse, including toys, stationery, solar panels and cars shipped in containers.

Investing in new racking has expanded the amount of storage space by up to 30 per cent and improved efficiency in handling and freight management.

Warehouse manager Liz Foster explained: “Throughput at the facilities is growing and the new racking will increase our capacity and add to our flexibility in storing different pallet configurations.”

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