Roll-on/Roll-off – Cars

SCH offers the complete service for the import and export of cars from ship to inland distribution facility or from factory to loading on board the vessel for global distribution.

Our services are operated under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards, guaranteeing a focus on care and efficient handling of the cargo that ensures it remains in pristine condition throughout our participation in the logistics chain.

Our experienced stevedores recognise their key role in vehicle shipments, whether privately owned or direct from the manufacturer. Cars are loaded or discharged to the specification of the ship owner and car manufacturer, with ramp operations and deck lashing taking place under close supervision.

We are responsible for a significant percentage of more than 700,000 cars that are loaded through the Port of Southampton annually and play an important part in helping to make the Port the UK’s number one for handling new import and export vehicles.

Our complete service also includes terminal management with links from our IT systems to those of the customer, enabling principals to access real time information on cargo availability, location and status at any given time. As part of our vehicle cargo management services, we also provide receiving and documentation services, including the handling of shipping notes and check-in documentation on arrival, cargo inspection and management of quays and lay-down areas.

Our customers put their trust in us to supply all their receiving, distribution, loading and discharge requirements, knowing that we will handle their valuable cargoes carefully, safely and securely.