Liverpool’s award of freeport status is the latest stage in an exciting period of growth for the port and is set to bring significant economic benefits to the region.

Freeports are specially designated economic zones where usual tax and customs rules do not apply, to encourage import, export and other commercial activity. 

As the country’s largest transatlantic port, handling 45% of trade from the US, Liverpool is well-placed to take advantage of freeport status.

SCH recognised the resurgence of the region when we set up operations several years ago, initially as a cruise handling company but having since gone on to add several strings to our bow. We now  specialise in handling roll-on/roll-off cargoes, provide additional support for the cruise business with passenger parking, through our Cruise and Passenger Services (CPS) subsidiary, and carry out specialist tasks such as cargo lashing and ship mooring.

Versatility will be the key as we continue to look at expanding the business and supporting the growth of Liverpool’s port activity.

Our plan is to grow our skill levels and capability, all the time providing additional and better opportunities for the local workforce. We’re already providing staff with the chance to increase their skills in driving vehicles, meet and greet, cargo lashing and mooring. Going forward, we believe that we can enhance those skills by extending our customer base and utilising the other skills that our diverse group of companies can offer.

As part of a network of port companies operating around the UK, we have ready access to training and experience that we can apply to the benefit of Liverpool and its port customers, at the same time expanding employment for our flexible workforce and new recruits.

By building on our partnerships with cruise line customers and Peel Ports, we can support port users in their development and the opportunities that initiatives such as freeport status will bring.

SCH recognised the potential of Liverpool when we first started operations in the port. Now, more than ever, we are convinced that we can help the region and its businesses take advantage of future growth opportunities.