WAREHOUSE CASE STUDY – Christmas Peak Season

As the Christmas peak retail season unfolds, it’s crucial that stock is effectively managed and distributed to ensure that there’s a constant presence on the shelves. SCH manages the stock of one of the UK’s leading toy manufacturers to ensure maximum sales opportunities.Case Study 1

In the run-up to Christmas, at least three 40ft containers a week loaded with toys produced in the Far East arrive at our warehouse. Having been cleared through the nearby port of Southampton, we promptly collect and transport the containers to our 40,000 square feet bonded facility.

The container is then de-vanned and product cartons are palletised into Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) to ensure that each contains the same item and is built to the dimensions required by the customer. Stock is managed through our own warehouse computer systems, with data available for sharing with the customer or agent as required. In peak times, we hold 500 pallets of stock for our customer that can consist of 100 different types of product toys.

Once the delivery instruction is received, a comprehensive pick and pack operation is implemented to create a dedicated load comprising cartons of various product. At Christmas time in particular, it’s an operation that requires a swift response with loads sorted, consolidated and distributed through our network of hauliers to ensure next day delivery.

We can either send to a further consolidation point or direct to retail outlet, part of the process of sorting, management and distribution of stock that provides our customer with the optimum retail opportunity.