New quality assurance and health and safety software introduced by SCH is enabling the company to improve standards and will save hundreds of hours a year in manpower.

The package, tailored for use across the complete Independent Port Handling (IPH) group, replaces a whole raft of pen and paper reporting and assessment procedures with a cloud based approach.

Managers are now able to manage data and follow workflows related to incidents through any web enabled device and input remedial actions straight into the system for other managers to view.

Saving Hundreds of Hours n Manpower

IPH Director Richard Burgess explains: “IPH Group is committed to continually improving our services to customers.  Typically, this has required a significant bank of time needed by managers and supervisors filling out spreadsheets and paperwork.  The new package will save us hundreds of man hours and help us to really focus on driving improvements in our quality system.”

By utilising cloud-based technology, the new software is easily manageable. It originates from New Zealand-based developer Mango and is implemented in the UK by Borne Safety.

The software will also enhance SCH’s status as an ISO9001 compliant company. “We have recently undergone a re-certification audit for ISO9001 and the auditors were incredibly complimentary towards the changes we have made and the introduction of Mango” adds Richard.