Specialist Cargo Lashing on Flat Racks

It will come as no surprise that the majority of damage to cargoes happens when an item has been poorly secured. Once a vessel has left the calm waters of the port it faces sometimes violent seas. In turbulent waters an unsecured load could spell disaster.

Specialist Lashing Services

How we can help?

SCH are experts in handling high and heavy cargoes. We are skilled at lashing and securing specialist cargoes for shipment on flat racks. Every member of our team has been trained in the very latest lashing techniques and our high standards ensure that every piece of equipment we secure meets the relevant criteria.

We have dedicated facilities in the Port of Southampton where we are well placed to receive cargoes and transport them to the nearby container terminal using our own haulage equipment. As well as specialist lashing services, cargoes can also be delivered to this location for enhancing the established de-vanning, stuffing, storage and shunting services.

Whether your cargo fits conveniently in a 20ft, 40ft or 45ft configuration, or is out of gauge, we will procure the required flat rack, lash and transport your cargo ready for shipment, liaising with the forwarder to ensure any additional requirements and timescales are met.


The service supplements our comprehensive range of terminal and ship handling services covering RoRo, cruise and project. For more information drop us an email at cargolashing@schltd.com or call on 023 8042 9700.